121.41 Acres Development Hunting Recreation, #3388310

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Price / Acres:$6,160.94
Total Land Area:121.41 acres (49.13 hectares)
Tillable:50 acres (20.23 hectares)
Undeveloped:70 acres (28.33 hectares)
Forest:70 acres (28.33 hectares)
Cropable:40% can grow crops
Wells:0 wells on property
Open Water:0% covered by water
Leggs Village Road
Falls, Pennsylvania, 18615
Northeast region
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Additional Farmland For Sale Information

Contains two subdivided lots of 33.59 acres and 38.32 acres. For sale prime northeastern pennsylvania land a few hundred yards from the susquehanna river in falls township, wyoming county, pennsylvania with 3,300' of state highway frontage. Comes with multiple bass ponds, orchards, farmland, native grass fields, creek, food plots for deer, and timberland with eastern black walnut & oak. Property is fully leased each year for hunting and farming plus timber income available. Additional farmland available that can be put back into production. Will come with pennsylvania dep-approved sewage module and highway access permit.

Call us to schedule a day you can spend fishing the river and the bass ponds, and hiking the property.

Some properties are on a river or creek, some are forested with timberland, others have bass ponds, some have farmland and orchards, native grass fields, and food plots, but seldom does a property have it all. This property does. It is loaded with deer, bear and huge flocks of turkey, geese, and ducks, plus doves, squirrels, rabbits and grouse all attracted to a diverse mix of habitat that provides food, breeding cover, and roosting habitat. The susquehanna river was rated one of the top 5 smallmouth bass rivers in the usa.

The property is available for development or for private use as a storage yard for forest products and minerals, farmland, comes with railroad frontage for a commercial rail siding, hunting land, recreational land,, campground, mobile home park, contractor's yard, rv park with boat storage, winery, vineyards, cider orchard, commercial horse stables, and other.

Potential for development

the property is located in a rural agricultural zoning area which permits a single-family home to be built on 1 acre and a two-family home to be built on 1.5 acres. Subdivision into smaller sizes is possible.

Fishing the nearby susquehanna river (the “river”)

the river is among the five best smallmouth bass rivers in the country. Attached is an excerpt from bassmaster magazine, “the 5 best smallmouth rivers in the country.” Which also produces trophy-size muskie, walleye, and catfish. The river can be fished from canoe, kayak, boats with outboard motors, or the choice of most river rats, a jet boat outboard which requires very little draft.

Ponds, creek, fishing

the property has multiple bass ponds loaded with bass that are fed from subsurface water. So, no expensive dams or spillways to maintain or insure. No one except the seller has pond rights. Keeler creek runs through the property and empties into the susquehanna river. A pennsylvania pond or lake with a dam can be a very large liability because of the way the pennsylvania department of environmental protection (dep) classifies lakes into several categories including "high hazard." Insurance on high hazard dams is very expensive and often unobtainable. You don't want to own a pond or a lake with a dam classified as high hazard by the pennsylvania dep. We insure these ponds for very little. The ponds contain bass and bluegill are home to several species of ducks and geese in season. The ponds are easily fished from canoes, kayak, or the shore. They can also be used for fish hatcheries.

Exceptional hunting habitat
the property has always sported great deer and bear hunting because of a spectacular mix of habitats. There are hundreds of nearby acres of farm fields growing field corn and vegetables; a dozen ponds; coldwater creeks; planted orchards, wild apple and crabapple trees; native stands of eastern black walnut and hickorys; mature hardwood forest consisting mostly of mast producing red, white, black and chestnut oak, dense hemlock evergreen forest, areas of native grassland, and early successional forest of young aspen and cottonwood, all combine to provide everything deer, bear, and other wildlife require. Huge flocks of ducks, geese, and turkeys sometimes numbering 50, are attracted to the river and the nearby cornfields and also provide for great hunting. There is a healthy population of doves and ruffed grouse on the property which has multiple coverts where grouse can be had. The cover is a mix of mature woodlands with some young woodlands and heavy brushy areas providing both nesting and roosting cover that the grouse need. Bobcats are on site and den in the cliffs and rocky areas to the east and southeast. Coyote and fox are available for trapping and harvesting. Black bear are numerous and near 400-pound bear have been harvested here.
The property is currently leased – from year to year and cancelable at any time by seller - to a hunting club which leases from early september through mid-january.
Abundant groundwater available from subsurface and the susquehanna river:

abundant groundwater is available on the property. Ground water withdrawal for irrigation and other purposes or direct withdrawal from the susquehanna river (“the river”) is subject to rules and regulations of the susquehanna river basin commission (srbc). All new (post-1970) consumptive uses that are greater than 20,000 gallons per day for any consecutive 30-day period are subject to the srbc’s consumptive use make-up regulation. Agriculture is currently exempt from the srbc’s consumptive use restrictions. The landowner has a non-exclusive right to withdraw and use unlimited water for on-site household and domestic usage, but must register all withdrawals exceeding 10,000 gpd under the pennsylvania water resources planning act, and/or secure project review for withdrawals of 100,000 gpd or consumptive use exceeding 20,000 gpd, pursuant to the susquehanna river basin commission. Srbc regulations are subject to change and the above should not be relied upon in making any decisions on water availability.


several small orchards spread throughout the property.


the farmland is leased on an annual basis, plus 30-50 additional acres could be put back into working farmland.

Interior road system. Shale, gravel and sand available for interior roads

there is an extensive interior road system (dirt and gravel) used for hunting access and timbering. A map showing the interior roads is available under separate cover as well as a copy of the road maintenance plan is available upon request. Gravel is available on site for use on interior roads and for development, but may not be taken off site or sold without a permit.


the property hosts a very diverse mix of tree species including most or all of the following: black walnut; red, white, chestnut, and black oak; tulip poplar; aspen; eastern cottonwood; white pine; hemlock; norway spruce; hackberry; gray, white and black birch; white and green ash; sassafras; slippery elm; black cherry; and hard (sugar), soft (red) and silver maple; serviceberry; black locust, and other species.


the property is loaded with migrating song birds that enjoy the mix of young and mature woodlands, open areas, and brushy cover. Several dozen bird species including many warblers, indigo bunting, orioles, tanagers, flycatchers, and several species of woodpeckers congregate in spring and summer along with numerous species of resident birds.

Survey: the property has been surveyed.

Zoning: the property is zoned rural agricultural (ra). In an ra zoning district, minimum acreage to build a single-family home is 1 acre; to build a two-family home, 1.5 acres. Buyer must verify this information with the falls township zoning officer and/or consult the falls township zoning ordinance.

Oil and gas: seller to retain subsurface oil and gas. A deed restriction will prohibit any above ground gas related appurtenances. There is presently no gas drilling in falls township. Shale gas is prolific in northwest wyoming county but not in southeast wyoming county. Projected gas reserves decrease to the south and east the closer one gets to coal country where shale gas deposits were compressed into Pennsylvania Farmland For Sale. Falls Pennsylvania Farmland For Sale. Farmland for sale in Falls Pennsylvania. - data last updated: 3/6/2017

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Contact Info for Falls Pennsylvania Farmland Listing

Name:Randall Skuba
Primary Phone:(570) 436-4621
Best time to call:Business Hours

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This farmland in Falls Pennsylvania, northeast region, price is $748,000. The Falls Pennsylvania farmland has 121.41 acres (49.13 hectares) total land area, 50 acres (20.23 hectares) tillable, 70 acres (28.33 hectares) undeveloped, 70 acres (28.33 hectares) forest. The Pennsylvania farmland has 40% that can grow crops. The farmland is not irrigated and has 0 wells on property. This farm land for sale is ideal for, forest - natural, hunting property, orchard land, permanent crops, residential land. Falls Pennsylvania farmland does not include a residence. 121.41 Acres Development Hunting Recreation.