Middle Tennessee 203 Acre Farm Ideal for Row Grain Crops Nursery Stock, #8499633

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Price / Acres:$4,679.80
Total Land Area:203 acres (82.15 hectares)
Tillable:144 acres (58.27 hectares)
Undeveloped:203 acres (82.15 hectares)
Forest:59 acres (23.88 hectares)
Cropable:70% can grow crops
Wells:0 wells on property
Open Water:0% covered by water
2512 King Road
Morrison, Tennessee, 37357
Southeast region
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Aerial View of 2512 King Road Farm
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Additional Farmland For Sale Information

Farm: 144 acres Cropland + 59 acres Woodland = 203 acres
Address: 2142 King Road and 2512 King Road, Morrison, Tennessee
Price: $950,000

This farm is located in a rural area in southwest Warren County, Tennessee, 2.5 miles south of Morrison, Tennessee - about an hour and 15 minutes southeast of Nashville. This area consists mostly of small-to-medium-sized farms that are used for livestock and general farming. Several residential, small-acreage tracts can also be found in the area as well as numerous nursery operations.

The property, currently in nursery stock, has no significant improvements on it. The farm has good cropland, road frontage, merchantable timber, farm roads, an old secluded farmstead site, hunting potential and a nice view of the countryside and of the mountains.

Well suited for row crops, small grain crops, and nursery stock, the wooded acreage has some merchantable timber in some areas and also has some hydric and hydric inclusive soils. The farm has good access to schools, churches, shopping, recreational facilities and primary roads.

Please contact Philip W. King III for an appointment to view the farm.

Philip W. King III, Executor of Ellen Safley King (mother's) Estate
(865) 690-7687 (Land Line)
(865) 368-9773 (Mobile Phone)
philip.king@comcast.net (Email Address) Tennessee Farmland For Sale. Morrison Tennessee Farmland For Sale. Farmland for sale in Morrison Tennessee. - data last updated: 2/11/2018

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Contact Info for Morrison Tennessee Farmland Listing

Name:Philip W. King Iii
Primary Phone:(865) 690-7687
Secondary Phone:(865) 368-9773
Best time to call:Anytime
1109 Venice Road
Knoxville, TN 37923

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This farmland in Morrison Tennessee, southeast region, price is $950,000. The Morrison Tennessee farmland has 203 acres (82.15 hectares) total land area, 144 acres (58.27 hectares) tillable, 203 acres (82.15 hectares) undeveloped, 59 acres (23.88 hectares) forest. The Tennessee farmland has 70% that can grow crops. The farmland is not irrigated and has 0 wells on property. This farm land for sale is ideal for, forest - natural, hunting property, livestock operation, pasture, permanent crops, residential land, row crops, vegetable farm. Morrison Tennessee farmland does not include a residence. Middle Tennessee 203 Acre Farm Ideal for Row Grain Crops Nursery Stock.